Dorothy Creamer
Hospitality Technology
Dorothy Creamer, editor of Hospitality Technology has been with HT for five years, starting as the publication’s managing editor. In that role, she managed daily editorial operations plus the brand’s digital channels, including its website and e-newsletters. In 2016 she was promoted to editor and now, in addition to driving HT’s editorial direction, she is responsible for the analysis and writing behind the brand’s three benchmark industry research reports. She also develops content and leads speaker recruitment efforts for HT’s three annual industry events. Creamer has been with HT’s parent company since 2009. Prior to joining HT, she led the full editorial strategy for several merchandising magazines. A publishing professional for 15+ years, Creamer started her career as an editor for a consumer publications house, where she rose through the ranks to be editor-in-chief of magazines with subjects ranging from children’s/teen entertainment, cooking, hairstyles and home décor to men's entertainment.

Abigail Lorden
VP & Group Brand Director
Abigail Lorden is a publishing executive with deep domain expertise in technology and business trends in the hotel and restaurant industries. As the brand director of Hospitality Technology (HT;, Abigail leads the sales and editorial teams of the most influential media brand covering technology in the hotel and restaurant industries, including its print and digital portfolio, plus HT's three annual events: the highly-acclaimed MURTEC (Multi-Unit Restaurant Technology Conference), HT-NEXT, and MURTEC Executive Summit.

Abigail's background as HT's editor-in-chief for more than 10 years give her extensive insight into market trends and content tools that provide value to both HT readers and advertisers. Throughout her tenure, she spearheaded HT's highly-successful market research and analysis arm, including three annual industry bench-marking studies: Restaurant Technology Study, Lodging Technology Study, and Customer Engagement Technology Study. She also plays a vital role in HT's industry events, with strategic direction of educational content, format, and sponsorship. In 2016, she co-launched HT-NEXT in partnership with HTNG, and in 2017 is leading the production of a new industry event, the MURTEC Executive Summit.