The D2C Dilemma: Should Your Brand Launch a Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce Model
Tuesday, March 13, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Chris Perry, Sr. Director, E-Commerce, Kellogg Company

As commercial offense and defense in today’s marketplace, many CPG brands are asking, “Should we launch our own direct-to-consumer (D2C) e-commerce model?” And like all great marketing questions, the answer is “it depends.” Just a “me too” D2C value proposition (i.e. selling your products on your own site) won’t be successful against Amazon and other top e-commerce retailers without significant investment and channel/customer conflict. To successfully launch D2C, CPG brands must first identify a differentiated and superior value proposition that is also strategic to the brand, scalable and sustainable long-term. In this session, attendees will: 

  • Discover the five factors of the eRetail Value Equation and case examples of CPGs and other companies winning each factor.

  • Understand how to strategically filter D2C value proposition ideas and concepts to choose the right one(s) for activation.

  • Learn key considerations and steps to determining if D2C is the right focus for your brand today and how to get started.


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Speaker Bio: 

Chris Perry, Sr. Director, E-Commerce, Kellogg Company

Chris Perry empowers brands to catalyze e-commerce as their number one competitive advantage to grow, win and lead in today's omnichannel marketplace. He has generated more than $200 million in profitable e-commerce revenue growth for clients including Reckitt Benckiser and WellPet. Perry joined The Kellogg Company in September 2017 as senior director of E-Commerce. His team empowers Kelloggs' brands to catalyze eCommerce as their #1 competitive advantage and path to long-term growth and market leadership.


Chris Perry
Sr. Director, E-Commerce
Kellogg Company