Second Self: How E-Me Is Influencing Preference
Tuesday, March 13, 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
Craig Elston, Global Chief Strategy Officer, The Integer Group

With mainstream adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) on the rise, the real question becomes not if the general population will use AI, but rather how it affects their decisions today and how much control people, as consumers and shoppers, will turn over to AI in the future. Drawing on industry learnings as well as from an anticipated study from The Integer Group of over 3,500 respondents, this presentation will illuminate what brands, retailers and marketers need to know regarding AI’s influence on today’s commerce landscape. It will also shed light on what degree AI will influence or entirely dictate retail's future – how people buy groceries, clothing, enjoy the latest entertainment, manage their lifestyle and more.  Attendees will:

  • Discover how comfortable consumers and shoppers are with AI and allowing machines to make decisions that affect their everyday lives.

  • Understand consumer and shopper expectations for AI and how the anticipated benefits and drawbacks differ among demographic groups.

  • Learn what marketers, brands and retailers need to consider in regards to AI when planning future strategies.


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Speaker Bio: 

Craig Elston, Global Chief Strategy Officer, The Integer Group

Craig Elston has spent the majority of his career in integrated strategy roles, marketing to shoppers across a broad range of business categories. A researcher by training, background, and inclination, Elston has a wealth of experience in marketing planning, consumer research, new business development and building diverse strategic teams. Before joining Integer, he spent five years in a sister Omnicom network, TEQUILA\, in London where he headed a large team of communication planners. There, Elston also led TEQUILA\Connect, a separate consulting group dedicated to the planning, management, and measurement of total brand experience. Elston was a founder and planning director of Alphabet, a boutique integrated shop in London, and he also served a stint heading the account planning department of Brann Worldwide. A full member of the UK Market Research Society, he is a regular speaker at industry conferences worldwide and has published numerous papers on the changing world of shoppers.


Craig Elston
Global Chief Strategy Officer
The Integer Group