Investing in Innovation Pays Off: Companies Collaborating With Startups
Wednesday, March 14, 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM
Martin Aubut, Chief Digital Officer, L'Oreal Canada
Marie Chevrier, Founder, Sampler
With personalization and seamless customer experience top of mind, enterprise companies are recognizing the major benefits of partnering with startups to drive innovation. From annual innovation challenges to internal teams dedicated to focusing on startup partnerships around the clock, major players are beginning to invest in innovation, and it’s proving to be the right move. Attendees will:
  • Explore the types of partnerships occurring between startups and enterprise companies.
  • Hear personal stories from each speaker on their experiences with enterprise-startup partnerships and how they helped to encourage innovation.
  • Learn best practices for partnerships, and how to drive innovation within your company.


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Speaker Bios: 

Martin Aubut, Chief Digital Officer, L'Oreal Canada

Martin Aubut is the chief digital officer at L'Oreal Canada. He is a pragmatic digital marketing executive and entrepreneur, with more than 19 years of experience. Aubut is known for transforming the organization toward consumer centricity by leveraging digital capabilities. He is currently building his team's advanced e-commerce, CRM and data science practice. Aubut is also building an Innovation lab focued on artificial intelligence, leveraging deep learning and machine learning technics for L'Oréal. He played a leadership role into Quebecor's and Yellow Pages' transformation from a print to web business model. His diversified experience from successful start ups like, and to large scale media company Ad Agency HAVAS, and consumers goods at L’Oréal gave him the framework, leadership, strategic thinking, deep understanding of technology and digital skills across different industries to lead change and fast growth among dynamic market context.


Marie Chevrier, Founder, Sampler

Marie Chevrier is a young entrepreneur originally from Montreal, Canada. She started her career in advertising at J. Walter Thompson in Toronto. From there, she had the chance to work at a venture capital firm in New York City. After a few years there, Chevrier came back to Toronto to merge her passion for marketing and technology. She started Sampler with a vision to transform the way CPG companies distribute product samples.

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Marie Chevrier