Arc Worldwide
Job Title
SVP, Global Shopper Marketing
Speaker Bio
April Carlisle has five years of experience leading agency business development with both existing key clients ( P&G, Kellogg Co., Coca-Cola Co. and 3M) as well as new business development with a focus on shopper marketing that includes retail, digital, and social strategies and plans. Carlisle’s additional responsibilities include leading training both internally and externally with clients globally, focusing on shopper marketing strategies and planning. Carlisle has 24 years of experience leading marketing and sales at P&G including shopper marketing and digital marketing with partners including (Google, Facebook,Microsoft and Apple). Her work included leading more than 350 consults with P&G brand teams on how to win in-store in the U.S, Canada, Western Europe, Singapore and Guangzhou, China. She led numerous retailer executive visits to internal retail innovation centers.
April Carlisle