Speaker Evaluations

Keynote Evaluations

March 13 Keynotes
Beyond No Brand's Land: Building Brand Belief
Building Shopper Loyalty: Forget Discounts, Create Experiences
BuzzFeed's Tasty and the Science Behind Modern, Massive Growth
March 14 Keynotes
How Digital Disruption Has Changed the Path to Market
The Three Kings - Focusing On What's Most Important
Moonshot Thinking: Are You Ready, Willing & (Most Importantly) Able?

Seminar Session Evaluations

March 13 Seminars
E-Commerce Stage
The D2C Dilemma: Should Your Brand Launch a Direct-to-Consumer E-Commerce Model
Finally! How to Create the E-Commerce Experience We've All Been Looking For
The World of Automation Purchasing: Adapting to the New Frontier
How E-Commerce Is Changing the Grocery Landscape
E-Commerce Opportunities: What, When and How to Achieve Growth in the Digital Space
Engagement Stage
The Consumer Generated Launch Pad - A Propellant for New Category Success
Shopper Marketing Dollars Go the Farthest...and We Can Prove It! 
Geek Nerd Suit: The Keys to Customer Centricity Success
How to Engage E-Commerce, Online & In-Store Grocery Audiences for New Product Launch Marketing
How to Arm Your Brand with a Digital Shopper Marketing Strategy to Win the Pre-Shop Battle
Insights Stage
Second Self: How E-Me is Influencing Preference 
"Nudging" the Omnichannel Shopper: Applying Behavioral Economics In-Store and Online
Loyalty is Dead. Build Routine.
Insights-Based Growth: Elevating a Brand Through Collaborative Activation
Forecasting the Future of Shopping via Superconsumers
So-Lo-Mo Stage
Not Your Parent's Borax: The Role of Influencers in Shaping Consumer Perceptions of an Age-Old Brand
Digital Disruption: Succeeding In a Fast Changing CPG and Retail Marketplace
Driving Marketing Innovation Through Social Technology
How to Detect Purchase Intent in an Omnichannel World
Getting Past the BS of Marketing Measurement
March 14 Seminars
Best Practices Stage
Bridging Brands and Sales Silos: Why and How Shopper Marketers Must Step Up
Journey to Top Tier Shopper Marketing Organization: A Case Study
Bringing Your P2PSummit Learning to Life: From Content to Activation
Future Commerce Stage
"Alexa, Buy Now:" The Rise of Voice Shopping
The Next Big Retail Challenge: Managing The Omnichannel Brand Experience 
The Store as a Digital Channel
Best Practices Stage
How to Out-Predict Every One of Your Competitors 
Investing in Innovation Pays Off: Companies Collaborating With Startups
Storytelling Through Technology: Cart Before the Horse?
Best Practices Stage
At-Home Media: Unlocking the Opportunity with Millennials
Channel Challenges: Forging a Future in the New Retail Environment
Engaging B2B Customers with Technology Along the P2P