Aki Technologies
Solutions Experience Gallery Sponsor #2
912 Cole Street, Suite 357, San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 462-4254

Who They Are

At Aki Technologies, we help shopper marketers drive real-world results, like foot traffic and sales, by reaching the right shoppers in the right moments with the right mobile ads. Our company was founded by ad tech pioneers who believe that mobile advertising can deliver truly incredible results—if you connect with shoppers during the most receptive moments. Stop by our booth to learn about the many leading brands that have embraced Aki’s moment marketing science and discover how we can help you uncover the optimal mobile moments for your campaigns.

What They Sell

In a time when shoppers spend at least three hours a day on mobile devices, we help shopper marketers identify the moments when they are most likely to capture mobile attention. Our AI-powered moment marketing science uncovers patterns in ad receptivity so you can cut through the noise to deliver more personal and relevant mobile ad experiences along the path to purchase. By reaching shoppers in the optimal moments—with the optimal message—we’ll help you get on the list, drive in-store traffic and sales and increase orders.

Why It Matters

According to Forrester Research, smartphones will play a role in 90% of all digitally-influenced purchases by 2020. This is already a phenomenal opportunity for marketers but, with all the information and distractions mobile consumers face, simply getting on screen isn’t enough to drive ROI from mobile campaigns. In today’s competitive, hyper-connected landscape, you need a solution that identifies the best opportunities for influence and dynamically delivers the creative that best serves your KPIs. That’s why we created moment marketing science.

What You Should Ask Them

  1. How does Aki define audiences to more accurately reach and influence shoppers?
  2. How does moment marketing science work, and why does it give shopper marketers a mobile advantage?
  3. How does Aki measure campaign success, including foot traffic and sales?