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10901 Stonelake Blvd Austin, TX 78759
(512) 551-6300
Who Are They
For brands and retailers fanatical about shopper experience, Bazaarvoice connects you to consumers so that they can discover you, be inspired to choose you, and buy with confidence. Data and content from our shopping network power insights that help you understand and delight shoppers, time and time again. We believe every shopping experience should feel personal, and we know better than anyone else how to build data- and content-driven shopper experiences that drive enduring connections with consumers.
What They Sell
Each month, we help more than a billion shoppers to view and share authentic consumer-generated content, from ratings and reviews to curated social photos and more, across the 6,000+ brand and retail websites in our network. Our data from over 1.8B buying signals every month gives you insights into shopper intent, so that you can deliver the most relevant and compelling experience, when and where it matters. Experiences like these win consumer hearts — and create enduring relationships.
Why It Matters
We enable you to connect with shoppers in ways that give them the confidence to buy. We have shopper intent data no one else has. We see what consumers want to buy now, and can tell you exactly what to offer them - and where to reach them. Authentic content from real people inspires trust. Insights powered by 700M shopping interactions across 5,000 sites every month enable you to deliver the products and experiences consumers want. We understand the challenges of your industry and have worked with companies of every size to help them win.
What You Should Ask Them
  1. How does it work?
  2. How should we use this shopper data?
  3. Why Bazaarvoice over a more price-savvy competitor?