Welcome to the #SummitBikeChallenge

Destin Sandlin, YouTube sensation and founder of Smarter Every Day, is known for his Backwards Brain Bicycle. Seemingly a normal bike, his bike is tweaked so when you try to turn right, you actually go left and vice versa. 


How long do you think it’d take you to convince your brain to make that switch? Surely you could make it across the stage at the P2PSummit, right? That is the challenge. Complete it successfully and win big for the charity of your choice!


One lucky winner will be given a free ticket to P2PSummit and a chance to win $5000 for their charity courtesy of Rise (the new publication from the Path to Purchase Institute).
Entries must be made by Monday, April 22 (winner to be chosen Thursday, April 25) so enter the #SummitBikeChallenge today!

And don't miss Destin's keynote along with our other first-rate speakers at P2PSummit.