Misty May-Treanor

Three-time Olympic gold medalist and one of the top-ranked players in competitve beach volleyball history.

As one of the most successful female beach volleyball player in the world, Misty knows that greatness doesn't just get served to you. 

Known for her electric dynamic with long-time teammate, Kerri Walsh Jennings, her insights on teamwork, building trust and accountability are unrivaled.

Join us for the closing keynote on Friday, May 17, where Misty will discuss the motivation and tireless efforts it takes to overcome obstacles, all while honing in on fundamental skills including teamwork, collaboration, grit and determination. 


And that's not all! A handful of lucky keynote attendees will get something extra special. 

Do you think you could return a serve from one of the world’s best volleyball players?  Wouldn’t you love to say you tried?

Immediately following Misty’s closing keynote, attendees have the chance to participate in the #SummitServe2Misty challenge where raffle winners will take their turn at returning a serve from Misty on the Marriott resort’s picturesque beach.

This is a truly unique opportunity. For your chance to win, register now!

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