Nepa USA, Inc.
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79 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016
(513) 289-7669

Who They Are

Nepa supports our clients’ growth by quantifying what matters most to shoppers along the omnichannel path to purchase. Through our Consumer Science Platform® we deliver profitable, strategic, and tactical recommendations that help the world’s most respected businesses strengthen their results and their brands.

What They Sell

Founded in Sweden in 2006 and now working with 300 clients across 50 countries, Nepa quantifies what matters most to your shoppers and your bottom line and recommends specific actions to grow your business. Combining quantitative and qualitative data along with deep analytics and advisory services, we help you close the gap between consideration and purchase.
At Nepa, our proprietary approach to Omnichannel Path to Purchase Analytics, Marketing Mix Modeling, Customer Experience Measurement Solutions, Brand & Ad Tracking Measurement and Custom Research & Analytics means you get the answers you need to fuel accelerated growth.

Why It Matters

Profitable growth depends on sound strategies and tactics, which in turn depend on understanding (a) how shoppers navigate today’s omnichannel path to purchase, and (b) which touchpoints drive conversion and influence brand health. While it’s essential, it’s not easy: The path is not linear, shoppers can experience more than 40 online and offline touchpoints per category, and shopper journeys can be influenced by shopping mission, shopper segment, retail destination, and other factors. That’s why it’s important to work with a partner who has conducted multiple P2P studies for leading global brands.

What You Should Ask Them

  1. How do you provide a “touchpoint conversion power” metric that allows for comparison between online and offline touchpoints and guides strategy and tactics?
  2. How can you help us understand planned vs. unplanned purchases and our opportunity to influence unplanned elements (category, brand, product, etc.)?
  3. Can you provide specific insights to support JBPs across key retailers, whether they release customer data or not?