Keynote Session
Opening Keynote Session: How to Get Smarter Every Day
Date & Time
Thursday, May 16, 2019, 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
We're excited to announce Destin Sandlin as 2019 P2PSummit Opening Keynote Speaker!
Discovery often happens outside your comfort zone. It’s when you step out into the unknown that interesting discoveries start to take place, and no one knows this better than Destin Sandlin. 
Sandlin is an Alabama-based rocket scientist whose popular YouTube channel “Smarter Every Day” videos help people look at the world differently.
Sandlin, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Alabama Huntsville, spent 15 years as a flight test engineer for the U.S. Army and holds a patent in rocket design. In his videos were his trademark passion for and commitment to science and global outreach light up the YouTube screen, he explores topics ranging from the physics of how helicopters fly to “how Houdini really died” to how and why cats always land on their feet.
In today's rapidly changing, digitally disrupted world, thinking differently is a key to unlocking growth and success. Sandlin will take us on a fast-paced, whirlwind voyage of discovery to help teach us how to look at the world differently, how to let go of bias, and how to train your brain to change rigid ways of thinking.