Collaboration Track: How Tyson Activated Consumers to Influence Sales at Kroger
Date & Time
Friday, May 17, 2019, 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM
With today’s consumers being urged to “shop the perimeter” for healthy foods, foot traffic in frozen aisles – and the brands that reside there – have been in decline. That’s why Tyson decided to focus on driving families frustrated by mealtime planning into Kroger stores and down the frozen aisle, directing them to Tyson Grilled & Ready Fully Cooked Frozen Chicken. How? With a multi-media go to market strategy, that included Kroger Precision Marketing tactics and a highly targeted consumer influencer program designed to spark trips to retail, recipe usage, content creation and authentic product reviews.
In this session, attendees will learn:
  • How the Tyson Chicken team combined their internal data with data from Kroger's 84.51 subsidiaries to identify the target demographic.
  • How they identified and activated thousands of that target audience to drive trips in stores and down aisles. 
  • How a unique product experience bridged at-home, online and in-store to boost both brand metrics and sales.