The information below will ensure you and your team have the information necessary to run a successful booth at Restaurant Next.

TIPS to “Work” your Booth at Restaurant Next


  • A staff member should be “In” your booth at all times. 
  • To enter your booth, click on the booth logo in the exhibit hall.
  • Click Rep Dashboard to monitor & manage your booth.
  • The “Attendees” tab shows you attendees that have entered your booth. You will be notified of this by an audio ping.
  • When attendees click on the ‘Chat with Us’ icon in your booth, they will appear under the “chat queue” tab
  • Your staff MUST continually monitor the “chat queue” tab to see who wants to chat with you.


  • Click on the green dialogue box next to the attendee name to engage in a chat.
  • You can add other reps to the chat by clicking on the “Add people to chat” icon at the top of the dialogue box.  
  • You can engage in a “Video Chat” by dropping your own video link into the chat box any time.
  • Click on the attendee to open their “Attendee Card”
  • There you can add the person to you “Watch List” in case you want to follow up with them later. 
  • You also have the option to send them an email from there.