Full Name
Susie Jin
Speaker Bio
Susie is a Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Fitter of Compression Therapy and Certified Respiratory Educator. She is a community pharmacist with experience in caring for people across the lifespan: from home-living, to retirement living, to long-term care home living as well as transitioning in and out of hospitals and end-of-life care.
She is a chapter author of Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines for 2013 and 2018 and member of the dissemination and implementation committee of Diabetes Canada Clinical Practice Guidelines since 1998; she has also co-authored Wounds Canada Best Practice Recommendations. Susie continues to serve on a variety of committees to effect practice and health-care in our communities such as the Health Quality Diabetes Standard Advisory Committee and the Ontario Immunization Advisory Committee.
Susie is the 2020 Charles H. Best Award recipient, given to a healthcare professional who has made a significant difference across Canada towards improving the quality of life of individuals living with diabetes; and the 2021 Diabetes Canada Educator of the Year Award
Susie Jin