Become More Shopper Centric
The most effective way to build your knowledge and skills for on-the-job success.

Shopper Marketing Bootcamp 

Dates: TBD
(Please reach out to to inquire about future dates) 
In today’s shifting retail environment, brand growth and increased ROI stem from focus on path-to-purchase strategies and activations. 
This share group-style training offers the only fully integrated, end-to-end curriculum that successfully building shopper-centric knowledge. 
In two days you’ll understand shoppers, their behaviors and the key principles for successfully engaging them. 

Bootcamp Benefits

Solutions to YOUR pain points.
You'll find that our controlled classroom size allows you to address your specific challenges. You'll walk away with a personal action plan that takes the curriculum’s core concepts and applies them to your individual needs. 
Proven methods for success.
Your time will be invested wisely. We use content derived from industry best practices proven to help you develop and execute effective marketing strategies and programs.  
Advantage over industry peers.
You will receive a certificate of completion as tangible evidence that you’ve invested time and energy into becoming the best in your field. 
Click here for a partial list of companies that have experienced P2PLU. 

Bootcamp Features

Personalized Action Plan
To ensure the learning doesn’t stop once an individual leaves the classroom, P2PLU provides each person with a personal action plan to stay on-track for continued success. 
Industry's Best Content  
By harnessing 20+ years of industry connections and coverage of the marketing and retail universe, P2PLU uses only the best content garnered from proven methods for developing effective programs.
Industry Certificate 
Certifcate of completion demonstrates that you hold a solid understanding of shopper marketing and a working knowledge of shoppers and their behaviors. 


"It opens your mind as a marketer to think about the shopper in a more holistic way." 

Sheila Toner, Merchandising Manager, Philips

"It's really beneficial to be with a group of people from different industries and hear how shopper marketing experiences differ, what some of the similar pain points are and walk away with new ideas." 

-Hannah Stewart, Shopper Marketing Manager, 

E. & J. Gallo

Since I've completed the course, I've been using the knowledge on a daily basis."

-Catherine Richter, Account Supervisor,  MarketingLab


Paige Berrigan, Director, Professional Development
Path to Purchase Institute
Paige joined the Institute in 2015 to help advance Path to Purchase Leadership University. She has been leading training and professional development in shopper marketing for several years, working with many CPG companies to help them build and develop shopper marketing within their organizations. 
Kris Abrahamson, VP, Client Leadership
The Mars Agency
Kris joined The Mars Agency in early 2014 as VP, Retail Strategy, and first focused on best practices and strategic frameworks for the organization. She later  assumed a VP, Client Leadership role, where she focuses on strategic solutions to drive growth for her clients. 
You and your team can’t afford not to take advantage of this experience.