Johnson & Johnson
Job Title
Shopper Marketing & Consumer Activation Manager
Speaker Bio
Yasmeen Spotwood is a Shopper Marketing & Consumer Activation Manager at Johnson & Johnson, Group of Companies. Spotwood joined Johnson & Johnson in 2016 and has had the opportunity to work across a range of icon brands, including Johnson's Baby, Aveeno Baby, Stayfree, Carefree and Healthy Essentials which is a Johnson and Johnson's scan platform. Spotwood currently leads the Shopper Marketing and Consumer Promotion strategies for Listerine, BandAid, and Neosporin. Spotwood has extensive experience in developing promotional and shopper strategies grounded in key insights, and flawlessly executing activation plans along the path to purchase. Yasmeen continues to focus on bringing thought leadership, innovative ways to delight and provide value to shoppers.
Yasmeen Spotwood