Job Title
Offsite Media Client Lead for Kroger Precision Marketing
Speaker Bio
Alison O’Keefe is the Offsite Media Client Lead for Kroger Precision Marketing on the Product, Strategy and Innovation team at 84.51°. Her role includes ensuring that offsite media buys are data driven, personalized and relevant for both Kroger customers and CPG clients, while also developing and scaling new offsite solutions that can take advantage of 84.51°’s best-in-class data and measurement techniques.

She graduated with both her master’s and bachelor’s degrees in communications and started her digital career on the publisher side. At Scripps Digital, O'Keefe worked with sales teams across the country to sell, implement and optimize display, video and programmatic campaigns. From there, she entered the agency world at Empower, leading digital strategy, planning, and buying for multiple clients, focusing mainly in the retail and CPG space. O'Keefe joined 84.51° in October 2017 on the Partnership Management team, working on Kroger Precision Marketing for CPG clients such as Coca-Cola and Hormel.
Alison O'Keefe