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Tuesday, November 6 || 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Learning Objectives
Key Topics
Lesson 1: E-commerce Strategy
Understand the industry context and executive-level decisions related to e-commerce
  • Digital retail market size & structure
  • Defining success  
  • Deciding where to play
Lesson 2: Building a High Performance Organization
Understand the key organizational considerations that enable high performance
  • The importance of culture and C-level buy-in to organizational success
  • Where e-commerce should report
  • What makes a successful digital commerce leader
  • How to determine and allocate headcount requirements
  • Balancing in-sourcing versus outsourcing to brokers, agencies and consultants   
  • Critical workstreams and common roles and responsibilities needed to succeed
Lesson 3: Tools and Partners
Understand the capabilities, technology stack, and partners key to success
  • Making sense of the vendor landscape
  • Selecting and working successfully with consultants, agencies, and brokers
Lesson 4: Engaging Retailers
Understand the fundamentals of doing business with digital and omnichannel retailers
  • Platforms versus partners
  • Joint business planning for e-commerce
  • Online category captaincy
Lesson 5: Driving Performance at the Digital Shelf
Understand the fundamentals of availability, traffic and conversion and how to measure and manage them to drive sales
  • Taking a holistic, “full-funnel” view of the digital shelf to attract, engage and convert shoppers
Lesson 6: Managing Assortment & Availability 
Understand e-commerce distribution and supply chain fundamentals
  • Assortment and portfolio strategy
  • Variant strategy
  • Price-pack architecture
  • Maximizing on-shelf availability
Lesson 7: Driving Traffic
Understand the key vehicles and levers for driving discoverability and findability in digital retail environments
  • Maximizing “earned” traffic with organic SEO
  • Optimizing AMS and other paid search platforms
Lesson 8: Content that Converts
Understand the central role that product content and information plays at the digital shelf
  • The anatomy of a product detail page   
  • Content that converts and the role of “enhanced” and below-the-fold content
  • How to develop, manage, syndicate, audit and analyze product content 
  • Influencing and responding to user-generated content like ratings, reviews and customer questions
  • How advancements like mobile, voice, and personalization are changing content requirements
Lesson 9: Pricing and Promotion
Understand the challenges posed by digital pricing dynamics and strategies for maximizing average selling prices (ASPs), maintaining margin, and protecting brand equity
  • Challenges and consequences of dynamic and competitive online pricing
  • MAP policies and other key tactics Measuring and maximizing promotional effectiveness
  • Delivering value beyond individual item pricing
Lesson 10: Marketing and Merchandising
Detailing and demystifying the proliferating menu of marketing and merchandising vehicles available to manufacturers working with online retailers
  • Cross-merchandising tactics
  • Driving impulse and unplanned purchases
  • Seasonal activation strategies
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