Tapping Into The Power of the Next Generation

The Progressive Grocer GenNext Symposium addresses crucial issues shaping the future of the grocery industry like labor & retention, technology,  and the changing habits of shoppers. 
By bringing together the industry's top retailer for the Retailer of the Year awards and the most innovative emerging talent with the GenNext Awards, this event gives the most complete perspective of what's next for grocery. 

The GenNext Awards

The supermarket industry possesses a wealth of emerging talent whose ideas and energy will take it into the future with fresh ideas and innovative practices. At the inaugural Progressive Grocer GenNext Symposium we will honor 25 emerging leaders under 40 who have demonstrated an impact and commitment to this industry with the presentation of our GenNext Awards.  

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Retailer of the Year

In the battle to drive sales, gain share and redefine the arena of grocery retail, the past year has belonged to Walmart. Its aggressive investments in omnichannel have even its largest competitors on guard, and the Bentonville, Ark.-based giant has demonstrated that Amazon is far from writing the coda for traditional retailers.

Online shopping, curbside pickup, home delivery via driverless cars, voice ordering, a sweeping store remodeling initiative, a tech incubator, intelligent retail lab, beef supply chain, even a pet pharmacy -- they all add up to a retailer that's bringing its future into the present. 

We're proud to present the 2019 Retailer of the Year award to Walmart at the award's new home: the Progressive Grocer GenNext Symposium. 

Held at Coca-Cola Headquarters in Downtown Atlanta!