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From ghost kitchens to curbside, restaurateurs are leaving no stone unturned in their mission to serve customers and stay strong. 

As the industry pivots to new operational models during uncertain times, one thing is crystal clear: technology will be fundamental to the path ahead

To meet restaurants where they are right now, MURTEC and the Restaurant Technology Network (RTN) are hosting Restaurant Next, an immersive two-day virtual experience. 

Attendees will be transported to a simulated restaurant built for the "new normal." Explore new operational concepts, tap into contactless technologies, source solutions for safer operations, and hear from the industry's top IT minds.

Journey with us to Restaurant Next!


Qualified Restaurant Executives enjoy complimentary attendance to this year's Restaurant Next virtual experience. 

Industry-Leading Content

We're bringing in the big guns to cover the hottest industry topics: native delivery, off-prem, contactless, data analytics and so much more! Join us for smart sessions with the most well-respected technology titans in the industry.  

Networking that Matters

Restaurant Next is not just another video call or webinar. You'll be able to fully interact with attendees in real-time and have meaningful one-on-one conversations. 

You never know who you will meet at Restaurant Next, but it is guaranteed to make an impact.


Contactless Customer Journey

Digital meets physical, as the contactless experience comes to life. From menus and ordering to POS and payments, the technologies and infrastructure driving it all.

Native Delivery Rising

Hear from brands who've got a jumpstart on the last-mile. Learn about the road ahead, and potential pitfalls along the way.


Next-Gen Service

Explore what's next as business models evolve like never before. From fast-casual evolution, take-out only, ghost kitchens, robotics, drones and more.


Evergreen Off-Prem

Now that we understand how critically important off-prem revenues are, how do we prioritize and optimize every aspect for the long-term?


Workforce Health & Safety

From staff, food and physical space to data security and privacy, we're talking tech that delivers on safety. 


Loyalty 2.0: Points, Perks & Profits

From Taco Bell's new fandom and Burger King TikTokers to MyPanera's coffee subscription, we're unveiling the hottest trends in next-gen loyalty.